Shifting gears

On 06 September 2017, our annual meeting took place in Munich. We are looking back on a successful year in which we …

  • renovated the laundry room in the women’s living quarters (costs: 2,270 USD)

    New laundry room

  • bought new tables and chairs for the men’s dining room (costs: 2,570 USD)
  • visited the House of Wonders several times
  • brought new Lego toys, wooden puzzles and other games from Germany

And yet, things were quieter than they used to be. Our projects were smaller and less work-intensive. As time goes by, we find ourselves increasingly caught up in our full-time jobs and studies, trying to balance those with our private lives and social engagement. And yet, we want to remain involved with the House of Wonders in future years.

Maria’s visit in April

We took some time to reflect on our approach. Does it still connect to our founding vision? Is it the kind of work we want to do? In the end, we decided to shift gears. Omid-e Punjab has already accomplished much in terms of improving the material conditions at the home in Lahore: new bathrooms, clean water, alternative energy, new dining room tables and chairs, fresh garden soil, pedagogical toys and games, new mattresses and beds.

Lego and wooden puzzles from Germany

The residents are clean, well-fed, and generally healthy. In future years, however, we want to place a stronger emphasis on providing them with opportunities to grow intellectually and develop their skills. We want to establish a better system of care at the home. This starts by encouraging the creation of new structures, instituting regular training for sisters and caregivers, and offering various therapies to the residents. In all of this, we want to continue raising awareness for a life with disabilities in Pakistan. Through our work, we are striving to demonstrate that the residents at our home, and indeed anyone with a physical or mental disability, have as much to teach us as we have to teach them. Societies can only benefit from becoming more inclusive. We’ll take it one step at a time: qatra, qatra, darya banta hai — drop by drop, a river is made, as a saying in Urdu goes.

Thank you for your support as we continue walking this way!

Simon, Benni, Angela, Torsten, Maria, Lucky, Ekatharina (present in spirit: Thomas, Viola, Christoph, Alex und Nicki) a.k.a. your Omid-e Punjab Team

Why always so serious?

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