Laundry on the roof

Laundry is rinsed by hand

Like in so many houses in Pakistan, the laundry rooms at the House of Wonders are located on the top floor. The flat roof makes a perfect drying area — spacious and exposed to direct sunlight. In these facilities, the clothes of 40 women are washed on a daily basis. Most of the process is still done by hand! The washing machines used here usually only mix the water and soap with the dirty laundry. With the help of the residents, the caregivers at the House of Wonders then rinse and wring out the wet laundry before putting it up on the line.

Planning the new room

Until recently, the facilites used for washing the women’s clothes were very basic (see pics above). They consisted of a room with a plastic tub and a washing machine — that’s all. We were able to renovate the room completely and bring it to the latest standards. The new room has two sinks, new tiling, a marbled floor and a proper drainage system (see below). Thank you for making this possible with your donations!

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