Christmas fundraiser: new bathrooms for the women!

Women's toilets

Women’s toilets

This spring, Omid-e Punjab funded the renovation of the bathrooms in the men’s tract. As a result, infection rates dropped dramatically. Now it’s the women’s turn! We plan to renovate two bathrooms in the women’s living quarters with three toilets, showers, and sinks each. Floors and walls will be tiled and fixtures installed. The new bathrooms have to be elevated to prevent wastewater from flooding the floor. We calculated that the renovation will cost about €12.000 (or $15.000) in total. With our Christmas fundraising campaign, we are collecting funds exclusively for this goal.

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Women's showers

Women’s showers

Account number: 290 130
Bank code: 520 604 10

IBAN: DE5452 0604 1000 0029 0130


Your help directly benefits people on the ground. In 2013, our charity spent only 1,04% of all donations on administration and outreach. 99% of all donations went directly to the project!


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