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Men's Tract

Men’s Tract

In April this year, a thick cloud of dust and noise was hanging over our shelter home in Lahore. The sound of hammers and drills could be heard. Construction work had begun at the bathrooms in the men’s wing. Since the home was founded 17 years ago, not much had been done in this regard. The bathrooms were a dirty mess. Often, waste water flooded back inside due to a blocked sewage system. It covered the floor with a stinking liquid that brooded diseases. Showers did not exist, which forced the residents to clean themselves under a tap coming out of the wall. One side of the bathrooms was open and exposed people to harsh weather during the cold season. The toilets were in a dilapidated state: people had to sit on rotten seats on an unclean floor, covered with thousands of flies. Every day, 45 of the disabled residents were using those run-down facilities.

After discussing the matter with the director of the home, we realized that the bathrooms had to be completely torn down. New hygienic facilities were constructed in their place. Sinks, shower cabins, and toilet seats with a flush were installed. Bathroom fittings were added, and the whole place was tiled and freshly painted. The sewage system was renovated and lifted several inches so that waster wate could not flood back inside. Every cent we raised abroad was put into this project. On the part of Omid-e Punjab, there are no administrative costs, because all our members work voluntarily. All in all, we spent exactly 714,000 Pakistani Rupees on the renovation which equals 7,129.41 US Dollars.
The pictures below show the new facilities as compared to the old ones seen above:

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