What we have achieved since 2012:

  • we provided clean drinking water to all 90 residents
  • we installed solar-powered fans and lights
  • the general hygiene has improved significantly thanks to new toilets and bathrooms
  • a lower infection rate due to medical training of the caregivers
  • more awareness for living with disabilities in Pakistan as a result of presentations, a photo exhibit, and personal conversations
  • only 1.04% of all donations are being used for administrative purposes – the rest goes directly to our project!

Our Philosophy

We believe that knowledge is local. The facilty’s staff knows best how to identify the most pressing needs. We aim to keep our projects lean and manageable to increase their impact. All of our members work voluntarily without pay. This reduces administrative costs to a minimum. We are in direct contact with people on the ground and travel regularly to the region, providing transparency and focused help. We make sure that all donations will reach the facility with as few deductions as possible.

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